Capitol Report (March 22): Chinese Communist Party Spies Operating in America; Russia May Launch Cyber Attack on US

Tuesday saw the first direct Q&A between senators and Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. How did she respond to a wide range of issues, from abortion to her sentencing record? There were also some unexpected fireworks in the hearing room.

The idea of communist spies among us is not a theme of a Hollywood movie, it is a very real reality. The Department of Justice has just charged five U.S. nationals for working as agents of the Chinese regime. How many more are lurking throughout our country’s institutions?

President Joe Biden is warning business leaders that they might be the target of Russian cyberattacks in retaliation for U.S. support of Ukraine.

D.C.’s cherry blossoms are now at peak bloom. We bring you a glimpse of these iconic trees and the Japanese culture they originate from.

Inflation is raging and the Fed has already started to raise interest rates. Will this be enough to tame inflation, or is a recession likely on the horizon?

The CDC explains why thousands of COVID-19-related deaths were removed from its data tracking website, including one-quarter of all children’s deaths.

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