Capitol Report (March 24): Bipartisan Group Visits DC Jail Holding J6 Prisoners; House Passes ‘Parents Bill of Rights’

Steve Lance
By Steve Lance
March 24, 2023Capitol Report

Another visit to the D.C. jail where people await trial for the Jan. 6th Capitol breach took place, more than two years after the event, raising questions about due process. This time, Democrats jumped on board to visit the jail.

Washington, D.C., is putting schools under scrutiny. The Republican-led House passed a bill to make it easier for parents to understand the curriculum and content of books in their children’s schools. How are Democrats and Republicans responding to the bill?

President Joe Biden meets with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa, giving their announcement to crack down on illegal immigration and the two leaders’ vision to counter Russia and China.

An appeals court upholds a block on the vaccine mandate for federal workers. But where does it go from here?

We sat down with the author of a new book about measures taken by the government during the pandemic. He says they amount to serious crimes that need to be thoroughly investigated.

Two players in the NHL are refusing to wear an LGBT-themed jersey. What do the two Florida Panthers players say about their decision?