Capitol Report (March 30): Biden Says He Will Sign Bill to End COVID Emergency; Bipartisan Energy Bill Makes Way Through House

Steve Lance
By Steve Lance
March 30, 2023Capitol Report

President Joe Biden is not planning to veto a GOP-led bill to end the COVID emergency. What does the White House say as some Democrats voice frustration over the reversal?

Nine soldiers were killed in a helicopter accident in Kentucky Wednesday night.

A bipartisan effort passed a key bill on American energy production. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is counting on the White House to get the bill through the Senate.

Rep. Brian Babin (R-Texas) joins us to unpack H.R. 1—the Lower Energy Costs Act—and take a look at America’s dependence on China for rare earth minerals.

Emotions ran wild at a hearing on investigating alleged weaponization of the federal government Thursday, with both parties accusing the other of abuse of power.

A pastor and human rights activist joins us to share his experience with the Chinese regime’s repression. He recently received death threats from the Chinese regime, texted to his phone.