Capitol Report (May 2): SCOTUS: Boston Can’t Ban Christian Flag

The Supreme Court ruled on a dispute over flying a religious flag outside Boston City Hall. We talked to the person who fought to fly the flag about what his victory meant.

The U.S. embassy is now planning to move back into Ukraine’s capital, and a group of lawmakers wrapped up their trip to the region. Back home, Congress is prepping to spend another $30 billion on Ukraine.

The Ohio Republican primary is Tuesday, and there is one Senate race that is capturing national attention. One of the frontrunners in the race joins us to weigh in on Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Ukraine as well as how he thinks his campaign will fare in the upcoming election.

Title 42 comes to an end this month. The public health provision made it easier to send illegal immigrants back to Mexico during the COVID-19 pandemic. Republicans, and even some Democrats, are worried that the end of the order could result in a surge of an estimated 18,000 illegal border crossers daily. But Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas says his department is prepared.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell rejoined Twitter on Sunday. He gained tens of thousands of followers within minutes before the account was suspended.

And before the Twitter takeover by Elon Musk is finalized, some are still hoping the deal falls through, and some Senate Democrats say they want Musk to appear before them on the Hill to undergo a round of questioning before the buyout is final.

The White House Press Correspondent’s gala returns, and President Joe Biden laughed off some of the jokes made at his own expense.

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