Capitol Report (May 27): Police May Have Made Fatal Mistake During Shooting; Trump Speaks At NRA Summit

The latest on the Texas shooting: Police allegedly made “the wrong decision” in their immediate response, and more are demanding answers and accountability.

Second Amendment rights politics are in full force. Some Republicans say this is a gun grab from the left, but could there be a middle ground?

China and Russia have stepped in to veto United Nations sanctions on North Korea for its continued missile testing. They were the only two countries on the U.N. Security Council to vote against the sanctions, which were proposed by the United States.

During a commencement speech at the Naval Academy, President Joe Biden revealed to graduates what they must be prepared for in an interconnected global world.

When you mix money and politics, it can often produce undesired results. The CEO of says there’s cause for concern over benefits employees at the NIH are receiving from private companies. And how is Dr. Anthony Fauci involved? We’ll take a look.

To travel, or not to travel? That is the question many American families face this Memorial Day weekend. Surging gas prices are one of the main reasons people are staying home.

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