Capitol Report (Nov. 17): OSHA Says Will Comply With Court Decision, Backs Off Mandate

The House Freedom Caucus invites witnesses to testify on vaccine mandates. The witnesses and the lawmakers discussed the constitutionality and the economic impacts of the mandates.

The Biden administration’s mandates are on hold, for now. We speak to Florida Congressman Byron Donalds to find out where this may be heading.

Congress is back in session and Democrats are eager to push President Joe Biden’s second round of massive spending. We take a look at the budget reports and how they add up.

Biden and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping held a virtual meeting. Their first meeting since Biden took office, the three-and-a-half-hour conversation doesn’t appear to have led to any breakthroughs.

The CCP has blood dripping from its hands from multiple campaigns to eradicate religious and political dissidents. Could China’s human rights abuses become the rallying call that brings down the Chinese Communist Party?

Parents gather in the nation’s capital, demanding their right to a voice in their children’s education. Some tell us schools are helping students change their gender identities without their parents’ knowledge.

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