Capitol Report (Nov. 24): Thanksgiving Is a Time to Reflect on Life’s Blessings

Thanksgiving is just one day away, and President Joe Biden and the first lady are ready for the holidays!

With the holiday season and Thanksgiving upon us, we go beyond the turkey and the football games to remember what the holiday of Thanksgiving is truly about. We also get some advice on how to handle some of those so-called “divisive topics” while gathering with family.

The Biden administration, in a bid to lower gas prices, is releasing an unprecedented amount of oil from the nation’s emergency stockpile—tens of millions of barrels. How soon will Americans see lower prices, and how long will the short-term fix last?

CDC data shows that more people have been killed by the CCP (Chinese Communist Partyvirus this year than last year, despite the access to vaccines over the past year.

Vaccine mandates continue to impact people and businesses across America. Congressman Andy Harris is a medical doctor, and we sit down with him to break it all down.

And a state-level bill was just passed in New Hampshire’s House of Representatives. Could this path be a model for the country when it comes to freeing private businesses from becoming the vaccine police?

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