Capitol Report (Oct. 22): Pilots Issued Memo to Focus on Flying, Not Impending Vax Mandate

Businesses report vaccine mandates are hurting employment. Meanwhile, airline unions are urging pilots to focus on flying when they are in the air, not on the impending vaccine mandates.

Reports are coming in and the Federal Reserve says that vaccine mandates could be a reason for labor shortages seen across the country.

Less than two weeks before the Virginia gubernatorial election, Democrats and Republicans are pouring money into the state. However, a Virginia county has been accused of violating election laws.

As supply chain fears grow, we try to make some sense of it all. NTD speaks with Mark Meckler, who says part of the problem is at the nation’s ports.

And lawmakers are looking for solutions to the supply chain and China’s economic influence. NTD takes a look at their ideas for solving these pressing issues.

The Federal Reserve banned its top officials from buying individual stocks and bonds. The Fed has also placed limits on other activities.

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