Capitol Report (Oct. 6): FBI Could Target Parents in Battle Against Critical Race Theory

The attorney general has mobilized the Department of Justice in the fight over critical race theory. Sen. Josh Hawley responds and NTD speaks to a Virginia candidate for Congress.

A Facebook whistleblower testifies before the Senate. She says Facebook has consistently overlooked its own research, which indicates that its platforms could cause harm to children, and that Facebook has chosen profits over people. Republican and Democrat lawmakers called for action against Facebook.

Backlash against the vaccine mandates continues to spark across the country, this time, from teachers.

Republican members of Congress have been looking for answers as to why early treatment methods of COVID-19 have been downplayed. NTD speaks to a congressman who might have some answers.

Congressional Democrats are working to impose federal charges on mining companies for extracting minerals on federal land. This could make the United States increasingly more reliant on China and Russia for rare earth minerals. NTD speaks to a climate expert to break it down.

As Beijing steps up pressure on Taiwan, President Tsai Ing-wen warns that Taiwan falling to China would trigger “catastrophic” consequences for peace in Asia.

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