CCP Officials Dodge Vaccination; WHO Report a ‘Chinese Study’: Former US Army Microbiologist

As the Chinese Communist Party rushes to vaccinate 70 to 80 percent of China’s population, some local officials have been excusing themselves from the vaccines, which have lingering questions regarding their effectiveness and safety.

Meanwhile, former U.S. Army microbiologist Dr. Sean Lin says there seems to be no evidence of animal-to-human transmission of the virus. The former CDC director thinks the origin of the virus was from a laboratory. Yet the so-called “joint WHO–China” study into the virus origin placed its main focus on animal-to-human transmission, and it says a lab leak is highly unlikely.

We explore the possible hidden motives behind the investigation findings. We also look at what’s in store now that the United States and 13 other countries have officially disputed the investigation’s credibility.

Amid geopolitical intrigue and as the estimated global death toll approaches 3 million, the struggle to get to the source of the pandemic outbreak continues.

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