CEO: ‘It’s Culture and Art That Brings People Together’


Shen Yun’s North America company is back in Utah. This time, for two performances in Ogden at the Val A. Browning Center for the Performing Arts.

James Perry, CEO of West One Finance, attended a performance with his wife on May 3.

“The visual is exceptional, but tying it into the lost culture, the lost arts and the storyline it makes it really special. I have to admit I’m completely blown away. Visually, it’s spectacular,” said Perry.

“Every year it inspires me in a new way, and I learn something more and different,” said Monti Bargsley, IT Asset Manager at Salt Lake City Corporation.

This is her fourth time watching a Shen Yun performance. It is an annual tradition that she goes with her dad for her birthday.

“The theme of patience and the theme of grace and virtue. And so I think that’s something that I need to look more into my life and kind of bring a little bit more of that into my daily life as well,” said Bargsley.

“The stories were very well done. I liked how they added the digital effects. You don’t really see that very often with dance,” said Greg Maeser, owner of Maeser Law Office. “I would hope that they can preserve a lot of that so that they don’t lose it.”

After the Cultural Revolution, much of China’s traditional culture was nearly lost. Shen Yun’s mission is to revive this heritage through dance and music.

“There’s so much culture that’s lost and when you lose the arts I think you lose the culture,” said Perry. “When you eliminate intellectuals, when you eliminate artistic endeavors, when you eliminate the thing that brings everyone together, and it’s culture and art that brings people together.”

“If you’ve ever wanted to believe in magic, if you’ve ever wanted to believe that you could be touched by something that’s somewhat divine, magical, this is where it can happen,” said Bargsley.

NTD News, Ogden, Utah