CEO Returns to See Shen Yun for the Fourth Time


Regina Glenn, president and CEO of Pacific Communications Consultants, saw Shen Yun in Seattle on April 6. This was her fourth time attending a Shen Yun performance.

“You can see that they have practiced, every note, every turn, is on cue. That’s not easy to do,” she said. “You can’t escape the beauty of nature, which is all part of spirituality. It is really subtly presented but the message is clear. To be kind. To be graceful as ladies. To be fearless as warriors. But also that there’s some conflict going on of repression, about certain opportunities to feel and say and study what you wish to.”

Under the Chinese communist regime, much of the traditional ways are lost. This includes the belief in the divine.

“I think the continuum of the Chinese culture has been something to be admired,” said Suria Elbietar, co-Founder and partner of PENTAVIRATE. “This is just absolutely beautiful. They have amazing costumes, and the way they depict many of the traditional dances, they bring such grace and beautiful flow to their dances.”

“It’s so ancient. And it did well in showing different cultures in China. That was very educational to me, something I didn’t know. And I enjoy it a lot,” said John Matlick, principal Broker of Scott Real Estate Investment. “Inspirational at the talent, and the commitment of all of the actors. It was just a fantastic show.”

“it was really good to see a very respectful way to point out the benevolence of the divine, and how it is played out in both the beauty and the precision of all the performance,” said Glenn.

“Just the beauty of it. It’s spectacular, and it’s remade every year, so it’ll be a family tradition of ours,” said Kelley Chopra, CEO of Pacific Northwest Experiences. “It really presents something that we may not know about. And I think it’ll inspire people to learn more.”

“The reason I really come also is to help with the resources to continue this activity,” said Glenn. “I think the message is done well. I’ve watched the YouTube videos on how hard to be conditioned as they are, and what a privilege it is they feel, and I love to see that.”

NTD News, Seattle, Washington