CEOs Challenged to Explain Why Georgia’s Election Laws Are Racist

Georgia passed election reform laws meant to address the many problems that surfaced in 2020. Immediately it sparked intense protest from the Democrats who call it racist and an attempt at voter suppression. President Biden went so far as calling it “Jim Crow on steroids.” The biggest target of complaint is a provision requiring absentee voters to include proof of ID when they mail in their ballots.

Many corporations have joined the protest, including Delta Airlines, Coke, Bank of America, Levis Strauss, and Major League Baseball.

Scott Shepard, Deputy Director at the Free Enterprise Project, explains how he’s going directly to corporate CEOs, challenging them to explain what exactly is racist about the laws. Find out how they’re reacting.

Watch the whole episode here: The Nation Speaks (April 24): Election Reform Battle Lines; Racism: Reality vs Perception; Pandemic’s Unexpected Impact