China Boosts Defense Spending by 7.1 Percent

Major powers in the West are calling on Beijing and urging China to step in amid the Russia-Ukraine war. China responds.

Beijing cuts its economic growth target to a new low, but boosts military spending even more than last year.

Ukraine’s neighbors voice insecurity. America’s No. 1 diplomat visits the area, carrying a message.

Can China help Russia offset the slew of Western sanctions? And did China actually intend to help Russia in the first place? We talk to an expert to find out.

The COVID-19 death toll soars in Hong Kong. Hospitals are forced to find new ways to store corpses, while nearby cities are on high alert.

South Korea will elect a new president on Wednesday. Who’s running and where do they stand on issues like the United States, North Korea, and China?

Russia’s attack on Ukraine put the wheat supply chain at risk. But Russia doesn’t seem worried about finding a buyer.

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