China Develops Inhalable Dry Powder COVID-19 Vaccine

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By NTD Newsroom
December 20, 2023China in Focus

Chinese scientists have created a new, inhalable COVID-19 vaccine looking to replace the injectable version.

According to an article published by the Nature Journal on Dec. 13, it’s described as a dry powder aerosol vaccine.

Compared to the traditional mRNA jab, the powdered vaccine could significantly reduce transportation and storage costs and does not need to be refrigerated.

According to the development team, it reaches deep into the lungs once inhaled.

The vaccine has already been cleared for animal trials. It has yet to be tested on humans.

The team behind the new vaccine is a Chinese state-run institute based in Beijing, run under the Chinese Communist Party.

In 2022, China green-lit the world’s first inhalable COVID-19 vaccine and exported it to other Asian countries, but experts caution that its safety and effectiveness still need testing.

They’ve also raised concerns about potential “undesired inflammation” when inhaled by patients.

Internet users in the United States also raised alarm bells over the new powdered vaccine.

Questioning whether it could potentially be used as a ‘bio-weapon’ by Beijing and expressing worries about it being placed in America’s water systems.

We’ll bring you an in-depth report soon for more details.

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