China Enters “Martial State”; China’s Tofu buildings hit by Typhoon; Fake Next-Gen Jet
CrossroadsJoshua Philipp

The typhoons now hitting China have brought attention to another disaster: the infamous “tofu buildings.” The phrase is meant to suggest buildings have the structural integrity of tofu, and is often used when shoddy construction is exposed in China — often a product of Party officials embezzling construction funds, low quality construction materials, and other issues.

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, police issued an arrest warrant for a US citizen, as the Chinese regime cracks down on pro-democracy activists. This is after China implemented sweeping new national security laws that extends mainland Chinese law into the formerly autonomous Hong Kong, and through that, the rest of the world.

And the China has entered a wartime state, with air rad drills, billboards alerting former military staff of possible conscription, and military shows to rally people behind the Party.

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