China in Focus (April 5): Relatives Mourn Victims of Taiwan Train Crash

The last body was retrieved from the wreckage of Taiwan’s deadly train crash last week. One survivor lost her entire family. Her husband and two children are among the 51 dead.

A cluster of CCP (Chinese Communist Partyvirus cases is emerging in a Chinese city bordering Burma (also known as Myanmar). Residents there are now under strict lockdown measures.

Amid Beijing’s aggression, Japan and Germany are gearing up to counter the communist regime. A high-level meeting between the two countries is reportedly being arranged for this month.

A former U.S. deputy national security adviser is warning about a second cold war—this time, between the United States and communist China.

And a CCP official embezzled more than $1.5 billion and over 2,700 properties—a new level of corruption in China.

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