China in Focus (Aug. 13): Crackdown on Big Eater Celebrities as China Faces Food Shortage

NTD Newsroom
By NTD Newsroom
August 13, 2020China in Focus

Chinese internet celebrities famous for “eating broadcasts” are feeling the heat from authorities. That, as the country responds to the leader’s order on reducing food waste.

Four virus experts in China have been awarded with national honors, including the military officer who took over the Wuhan P4 lab and an expert who denied human-to-human transmission in the early stage of the outbreak.

A Chinese netizen has described the situation of Chinese people living within the firewall on a video, while other netizens shared their insights from the captured scenes.

Chinese economists warn that Beijing needs to get prepared for the financial decoupling between China and the United States.

And Hong Kong’s police credit union is moving assets to Chinese banks, citing worries over U.S. sanctions.

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