China in Focus (Aug. 14): 5,700 Farmers’ Homes Involved in Forced Demolition

Up to 5,700 farmers have been forced to have their homes demolished. Their farmland, also destroyed. Under threat, farmers fight for their rights.

The United States designated the Confucius Institute Center a foreign mission of the Chinese regime. The state-funded language centers have been accused of exporting Chinese censorship to U.S. campuses.

It’s not a good time for Chinese listings. The SEC is investigating the Chinese Netflix, iQIYI, over fraud allegations, and a Chinese jewelry group is voluntarily delisting itself from the Nasdaq, after a scandal broke out that it’s involved in one of China’s largest loan frauds. And U.S. banks earned over $400 million fees from Chinese listings this year.

And in the confrontation between the free world and communist China, Taiwan, a small democratic island, plays a critical role. It is taking a tougher stance toward the Chinese Communist Party for several reasons.

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