China in Focus (Aug. 18): Three Gorges Dam to Face Biggest Threat Yet

NTD Newsroom
By NTD Newsroom
August 18, 2020China in Focus

China’s flood situation has reached a new high. New waves of flooding are taking shape in China’s two biggest rivers. The Three Gorges Dam will face the greatest flow since its construction. Heavy rain has been battering both the north and south. Some villages were even buried up to three stories high.

Which flag represents true Chinese heritage? The battle between communist China’s red flag and Taiwan’s ‘blue sky, white sun, wholly red earth’ flag is making a turn in San Francisco.

One of the CCP’s princelings, who is also a retired professor from the Chinese Communist Party school, called the CCP a “common enemy of humankind.” She was kicked out of the party, indicating more splitting within its ranks.

And Chinese authorities are urging auto companies to recycle old parts for reuse. Our in-house expert says the move signals that China is preparing for a potential decoupling with the West.

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