China in Focus (Aug. 24): Xinjiang Under Lockdown, Doors Sealed, Locals Handcuffed

NTD Newsroom
By NTD Newsroom
August 25, 2020China in Focus

Xinjiang’s capital, Urumqi city, has been locked down for 40 days, with even stricter measures than Wuhan. Doors have been sealed with iron nails or tape. People are locked in handcuffs. Citizens have been seen venting their frustrations by shouting into the night.

In one village alone, 14 families were washed away in their sleep, while local media made no mention of any death toll or missing cases.

In China, kindergarten has been turned into propaganda class. Young children are being made to watch Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s political speeches.

The world is becoming even more dependent on China’s medical protective gear. In May, China supplied over 80 percent of the major types of PPE that medical staff wear. That’s a 24 percent rise from January.

And the United States is looking to overtake China with 6G technologies. And news is circulating that the Trump administration’s WeChat ban isn’t as broad as previously thought.

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