China in Focus (Dec. 1): Extreme Action Against Forced Demolition

NTD Newsroom
By NTD Newsroom
December 1, 2020China in Focus

In Chinese financial hub Shanghai, a homeowner took drastic measures, as he saw no other way to protect his home from forced demolition by the authorities.

A QR-code to control the CCP virus outbreak, and everything else is a common practice in China. But now this will affect foreigners visiting China too.

Is Hong Kong’s media still free? A TV station laid off an investigative section that reported on local police violence. And the team reporting human rights in China left too.

Employees on Chinese vessels and flights have been interrogated while entering the United States. It’s to find out if they are members of the Chinese Communist Party.

And Australian media published a real photo to fight against the fake photo from China. And a video campaign urges people to drink Australian wine to show solidarity against Chinese sanctions.

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