China in Focus (Dec. 14): Chinese Gene Editing Controversy Re-emerges

NTD Newsroom
By NTD Newsroom
December 14, 2020China in Focusshare

A “perfect man” through gene editing. A “customized human” beginning with gene-modified embryos. This is already underway in China. A whistleblower exposed the details.

A list of nearly 2 million Chinese Communist Party members was leaked. They were working for major western companies, and even diplomatic institutions, as of 2016.

Are Chinese vaccine candidates reliable? A CCP virus vaccine developer has a history of bribery. At least 20 officials and hospital administrators have accepted its corruption.

A Chinese scholar revealed the CCP has many old friends on Wall Street. We look into who they are.

And an expert says there is more behind Beijing’s sanctions on Australian goods. It’s not only retaliation against Australia’s tough stance toward the communist regime.

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