China in Focus (Feb. 17): Biden Facing Criticism Over Recent Remarks on China

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
February 17, 2021China in Focus

President Joe Biden is facing criticism for his latest remarks on China. An expert explains the controversy behind it.

A Chinese company claims 10 percent of New York City’s electricity runs through its equipment. An expert breaks down the potential risk.

A number of Chinese human rights activists have been detained, sentenced to prison, or even sent to mental hospitals—all because they stood up for democracy.

The U.S.-China trade war is turning into a technology war. An important weapons component might be the next front.

And the UK joins the United States in criticizing China for withholding information about the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus outbreak in Wuhan. And British Prime Minister Boris Johnson calls for a global coalition to ensure transparency.

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