China in Focus (Feb. 26): China: Anal Swab Tests on US Diplomats Done ‘In Error’

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
February 26, 2021China in Focus

China says they made a mistake when they performed an invasive method of CCP virus testing on American diplomats.

President Joe Biden says it’s important to work with communist China on climate change. But carbon emissions data suggests the regime may not keep its promises.

A Taiwanese company that makes semiconductors presents a possible Achilles heel for the United States.

An over $90 million settlement is reached in a U.S. court, coming after young TikTok users filed lawsuits to protect their privacy.

And Taiwan’s president calls on its citizens to eat more pineapples, coming after China announced a ban on pineapple imports from the island.

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