China In Focus Full Broadcast (April 13)

Pressure is building on the Biden administration to end strategic ambiguity in regard to Taiwan. Lawmakers are now asking the White House to clarify whether the United States would defend Taiwan in case of a Chinese invasion. President Joe Biden has previously said the United States would defend the island, but aides have walked back those statements.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Growing Calls for Biden to End Strategic Ambiguity
  2. Beijing Sanctions Congressman Michael McCaul
  3. Taiwan Kicks Off Civil Defense Drill
  4. Philippine, U.S. Troops Hold Joint Anti-Tank Drill
  5. Macron: Favor the Current ‘Status Quo’ Over Taiwan
  6. Former UK Leader Criticizes Macron for Taiwan Stance
  7. China Announces Ban on Vessels near Taiwan
  8. Trudeau Foundation Board Resigns Over China-Linked 7 Y/O Donation
  9. Leaked Docs: China’s Likely Aid to Russia
  10. Germany Reviews Chinese Stake in Seaport, CCP Responds
  11. China Jails Two Rights Lawyers for 10+ Yrs Each
  12. Strategic Ambiguity Toward Taiwan a Problem: Spalding

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