China In Focus Full Broadcast (April 14)

China is mulling a new export ban on rare earth magnets, as the United States plans to push a sweeping set of rules, calling for over half of all passenger cars sold in the country to be electric by 2032. Are the two countries on a collision course? And as the United States works to reduce reliance on China, will efforts like these actually dig the West into deeper dependence? Some lawmakers say yes.

Topics in this episode:

  1. China’s Rare Earth Export Ban to Hit U.S. EV Goals?
  2. Push for Battery Power: Fears of Dependence on China
  3. Texas Passes Bill to Fight Organ Harvesting
  4. China’s Infiltration ‘Successful’ in Utah: Report
  5. Brazilian Trade Policy to Challenge the U.S. Dollar
  6. Brazilian President Hails China-Led Multilateral Bank
  7. WTA Returning to China After Peng Shuai Fears
  8. Germany Warns China Against Use of Force on Taiwan
  9. Germany to Review China Port Stake Deal
  10. U.S. Needs Consistent Policy on Iran: Lightstone

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