China In Focus Full Broadcast (April 16)

What is China’s role in the U.S. fentanyl crisis? A congressional committee reveals the communist regime is subsidizing deadly fentanyl exports and escalating America’s opioid emergency.

The House has passed a bill aimed at targeting China’s imports of Iranian crude oil. This comes on the heels of Iran’s drone attack on Israel.

House Speaker Mike Johnson is taking action on wartime aid for Israel and Ukraine. We have more on a new aid package and what’s unique about it.

Germany’s chancellor is working to fend off Chinese espionage during his trip to the country. What precautions are his team taking?

  1. China Subsidizes Fentanyl Exports: Report
  2. U.S., EU Weigh Sanctions After Iran’s Attacks on Israel
  3. House Passes Sanction on China’s Iranian Oil Purchases
  4. Patel: Biden’s Actions Enable Iran, Proxies
  5. China, Russia Skirting U.S. Copper Taxes
  6. Speaker Johnson Unveils Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan Aid Bill
  7. Philippines: No Plans to Open More Bases to U.S.
  8. U.S. Firms in China Spur Intellectual Property Fears
  9. German Delegation’s Tricks to Avoid Chinese Espionage
  10. Microsoft to Invest $1.5B in UAE AI Firm
  11. Intel to Launch China-Specific AI Chips
  12. Record Number of Illegal Chinese Immigrants
  13. CBP Fast-Tracking Illegal Chinese Immigrants?
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