China In Focus Full Broadcast (April 18)

Illegal Chinese crossings at the border spiked by over 6,000 percent compared to just three years ago. How is the influx impacting the immigration crisis, and even U.S. military facilities in Guam?

House Speaker Mike Johnson is putting out a series of foreign aid bills alongside one targeting TikTok. Will the proposals be more likely to pass with President Joe Biden’s support?

How does U.S. foreign policy on Ukraine impact American banking and investments in China? JPMorgan’s CEO weighs in.

China claims GDP growth of more than 5 percent so far this year compared to last. But calculations are casting doubt on that figure.

  1. 24,000+ Chinese Illegally Crossed into U.S. in Fiscal Year 2024
  2. Biden and Johnson Team Up Behind Aid, TikTok Ban
  3. Congress to Decide Fate of TikTok in U.S.
  4. Mexico Lessens Incentives for Chinese Automakers
  5. U.S. Warns China Against Helping Russia
  6. CCP Influencing U.S. Government for ‘Benefits’: Gen. Spalding
  7. JPMorgan: Geopolitical Tensions Make China a Big Risk
  8. China’s First Quarter GDP Growth Under Doubt
  9. Huawei Unveils New Phone Amid U.S. Sanctions
  10. Dutch Intel: Chinese Spies Target Dutch Tech Industry
  11. Top Fauci Adviser Subpoenaed for Dodging Law
  12. Innovation Is Key in Space Race with CCP: House Panel
  13. Mass Protests in China Over Investment Fraud
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