China in Focus Full Broadcast (April 19)

Six more Chinese police stations are operating in the United States—spanning from California to New York and in between—but the facilities extend beyond American borders, too. Spain-based human rights watchdog Safeguard Defenders noted there are over 100 of these Chinese overseas stations operating in 53 countries. Human rights groups and U.S. officials are raising concerns that they are used to harass and intimate Chinese dissidents. Meanwhile, China maintains they simply help Chinese nationals with their documents and driver’s licenses.

Topics in this episode:

  1. New Article from Falun Gong Founder Li Hongzhi
  2. Six More Chinese Police Stations on U.S. Soil: Report
  3. Chinese Regime Targeting Falun Gong in U.S.: Browde
  4. Canadian Police Investigating Chinese Police Outposts
  5. Exiled Chinese Man Recounts Blank Paper Protests
  6. U.S. Targeting Chinese Shopping Apps Temu, Shein
  7. Borrell: EU Needs to Work with ‘Superpower’ China
  8. China, Russia Vow to Boost Strategic Cooperation
  9. Preparing for War? China Revises Conscript Policy
  10. Fire in Beijing Hospital Kills 29+ Information Under Censorship
  11. Why Taiwan Is a Thorn in China’s Eye: Gorrie

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