China In Focus Full Broadcast (April 1)

An illegal Chinese immigrant was arrested after breaching a U.S. military base in California. From scuba diving at rocket launch sites to snapping photos of White House communication gear, we share a look at the growing trend of Chinese tourists “getting lost” at sensitive U.S. military bases.

Eight illegal Chinese immigrants were found dead off the coast of southern Mexico. They were aboard a boat traveling along a dangerous route often used to illegally enter the United States.

In for the money, but trapped without notice. China has been hitting foreign executives with exit restrictions. How long do they have to stick around? And what does it say about China’s business environment under the communist regime?

A former Taiwanese president is visiting China and might meet with regime leader Xi Jinping. Yet some demonstrators are protesting the trip and voicing a message: “Don’t be a traitor.”

  1. Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Breaching Military Base
  2. Vessel Capsizes in Mexico: 8 Chinese Nationals Dead
  3. WSJ: Foreign Executives Hit with Exit Ban in China
  4. Former Taiwanese President Visits China to Deliver a Message
  5. U.S. Updates Export Curbs on AI Chips, Tools to China
  6. ‘Israel Cannot See China as an Ally’: Feiglin
  7. Latest on China, Global Updates
  8. NTD Documentary Probes Chinese Control Over Hollywood
  9. Chinese Gold Shops Disappear with Customer Orders
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