China In Focus Full Broadcast (April 20)

TikTok is facing a slew of lawsuits after multiple deaths linked to challenges on the app. Grieving parents give a warning to other families, with the hope of preventing more tragedies. TikTok, meanwhile, is pushing back following the congressional hearing, stating safety is a priority.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Deadly TikTok Challenges Put Algorithm Under Scrutiny
  2. Seagate to Pay $300M Fine for Violations; Company Shipped $1B Hard Disk Drives to Huawei
  3. U.S. Munitions Plant to Triple Output to Help Counter Russia, China
  4. U.S., China, Russia, N. Korea Boost Spy Satellites
  5. U.S. Trade Rep.: Decoupling from China Not the Goal
  6. China Grows Nuclear Arms Without Transparency: NATO Chief
  7. China Pushes for Strategic Partnership With Gabon
  8. German Foreign Minister: China ‘More Than Shocking’
  9. Selling TikTok Not a Cybersecurity Solution: Rex Lee

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