China In Focus Full Broadcast (April 22)

TikTok and its potential malign influence are in the spotlight as lawmakers fear a communist Chinese Trojan Horse. We have more on a just-passed House bill that could see it banned.

The Chinese ambassador faced heavy criticism from Harvard students during a speech at the institution. Protesters were heard accusing Beijing of multiple human rights violations across various regions and groups in China and nearby.

In a major drug bust in Maine, a man born in China is accused of transforming a house into a high-tech marijuana grow.

Five individuals arrested in Germany and the UK are charged as spies for China. Police say they were found stealing technology and intelligence for the Chinese Communist Party.

  1. House Passes Bill That Could Ban TikTok in the U.S.
  2. House Passes $95 Billion Foreign Aid Package
  3. TikTok Ban Frees U.S. Media from CCP: Gen. Stilwell
  4. Harvard Students Protest Against the CCP: Video
  5. Blinken to Travel to China to Bolster Relations
  6. Raimondo: Chinese Chips Nowhere Near U.S. Models
  7. Feds Investigate New Trend in Marijuana Growing
  8. Germany, UK Charge Five Spies from China: Reports
  9. Heavy Rainstorms Kill Four in Southern China
  10. Emails Allege FBI Knowledge of Coronavirus Issue
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