China In Focus Full Broadcast (April 23)

Dr. Anthony Fauci and an over $4 million grant are back in the spotlight. Newly uncovered emails say some of those funds helped the infamous Wuhan biolab with a study on how to “leave no signature of purposeful human manipulation” of coronaviruses—and that the FBI knew about it.

China is reportedly acquiring NVIDIA AI chips despite a widening U.S. ban on selling them to the country. How did China skirt the trade block?

America’s top envoy Antony Blinken highlighted Beijing’s human rights atrocities days before heading to China to meet with Chinese Communist Party officials.

Germany arrested an EU parliamentary aide on charges of spying for China. It follows the detention of three Germans on similar charges just hours before.

  1. Wuhan Lab Could Disguise Coronavirus as ‘Natural’: Report
  2. What’s Behind U.S.-Funded Research in Wuhan?
  3. China Acquired Recently Banned Nvidia Chips: Report
  4. Taiwan President-Elect Voices Gratitude for U.S. Aid
  5. Human Rights Reports Out Ahead of Blinken’s China Visit
  6. German EU Lawmaker’s Aide Arrested on Spying Charges
  7. Taiwan Rattled by Dozens of Quakes, but No Major Damage
  8. Lawmakers Suggest Making Some U.S. Weapons in Taiwan
  9. NASA Asks Congress for $25 Billion to Counter China
  10. Panel: China Exploiting War in Middle East
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