China in Focus Full Broadcast (April 26)

President Joe Biden and his South Korean counterpart are meeting in Washington. Peace, stability, freedom, and nuclear deterrence are up for discussion, as aggression and threats rise in the region. Two nearby nations—China and North Korea—are behind much of that concern.

Topics in this episode:

  1. U.S. to Send Nuclear Subs to South Korea; Biden Addresses Age Concerns Amid 2024 Bid
  2. DeSantis for More Cooperation with Japan, S. Korea; Leaves China, Taiwan Out of His Asia Trip
  3. Charged Chinese Police Trained in Canada: Report
  4. Biden Would Veto Bill to Restore Solar Panel Tariffs
  5. Xi-Zelensky Speak for First Time Since Russian Invasion
  6. UK Tobacco Company to Pay $600M for Violating U.S. Sanctions on N. Korea
  7. China’s Yuan Overtook Dollar for Int’l Trade in March
  8. ‘Demographic Dividend’ Lost? India’s Population to Overtake China’s: UN
  9. Nuclear Threats from Asia a Serious Risk: Tan

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