China In Focus Full Broadcast (April 2)

The Pentagon is hitting back at Chinese cyber attacks. Power grids, oil pipelines, and water facilities—find out more on how they tie into Beijing’s war preparations for a potential conflict with the United States.

In the wake of Washington’s “reconsider travel” advisory on China, Beijing is drawing attention to its own notice warning Chinese students and citizens of the potential for higher scrutiny when entering the United States. More on why.

A declining global industry is being driven by excessive exports from China. A look at how cheap Chinese solar panels are straining renewable energy markets across the globe.

And American tech giants are pushing their Taiwanese partners to relocate to Mexico instead of mainland China. Details on a new report.

  1. Pentagon Establishes New Cyber Policy Office
  2. US, China Issue Travel Advisories for Each Other
  3. FT: Cheap Chinese Renewables Flooding Global Market
  4. ‘Product Dumping’: Lee on Chinese Trade Practices
  5. Tech Giants Rejecting China, Turning to Mexico
  6. Latest on China, Global Updates
  7. Biden, China’s Xi Speak by Phone
  8. Xiaomi Launches First-Ever EV, Cheaper Than Tesla
  9. US Military Command in Japan to Be Revamped: Report
  10. Radio Host: Shen Yun Is Timeless
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