China In Focus Full Broadcast (April 9)

Waves of Chinese nationals are setting foot on American soil without visas. Could Beijing’s spies access U.S. military bases through a visa loophole? Lawmakers are now butting heads with the Biden administration because of it.

President Joe Biden is hosting the leaders of Japan and the Philippines this week. We look at the details on the historic trilateral meeting between Washington and its Asian allies.

Germany’s chancellor is traveling to China with three ministers and top CEOs. What’s driving the trip amid a push to “de-risk” from China?

An expert panel zooms in on China’s disinformation campaign targeting Taiwan. With the U.S. 2024 election just around the corner, what can America learn from the democratic island?

  1. Lawmakers Slam Biden Administration for Visa Loophole
  2. Check Immigrants’ ‘Loyalty to CCP’: Expert
  3. Biden to Host Leaders from Japan, Philippines
  4. U.S., UK, AUS Consider Adding Japan to AUKUS Deal
  5. U.S. Admiral: China Maritime Actions ‘Dangerous, Illegal’
  6. Legislation Introduced in Support of Taiwan
  7. Top German CEOs Set to Join Chancellor’s China Trip
  8. Top Russian Diplomat Visits China: More Collaboration
  9. Panel: Taiwan Is a Case Study for the World
  10. Senate GOP Leader Endorses Divestment of TikTok
  11. EU Politicians Compete on TikTok Before Elections
  12. Chinese Property Giant Faces Liquidation Effort
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