China In Focus Full Broadcast (Aug. 15)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
August 15, 2023China in Focus

China’s medical sector facing an unprecedented year-long probe. Over 150 hospital leaders, including Communist Party authorities, are now subject to investigation. But what’s the true target?

China’s youth jobless rate is now hidden from public view. We dive into what’s happening with the nation’s floundering economy.

Beijing slashes interest rates for medium-term loans, sending them to their lowest level since the pandemic broke out.

The Chinese defense minister is meeting his Russian counterpart, as Washington struggles to get Beijing to pick up the phone for military talks.

Topics in this episode:

  1. China’s Health Stocks Hit Amid Anti-Corruption Probe
  2. Healthcare Crackdown Turned ‘Bribery Laundering’?
  3. China Suspends Release of Youth Unemployment Data
  4. China’s Central Bank Slashes Key Interest Rate
  5. Hedge Fund Losses Turn Investors Away from China
  6. China Fertility Rate Hit Record Low in 2022: Report
  7. China to Boost Ties with Many Countries Except U.S.
  8. Russian Defense Minister Inspects Military Equipment from Iran, China, and India During Expo
  9. Australian TV Host Held in China Writes ‘Love Letter’
  10. ‘Under Xi, There’s No Counter Balance in China’: Graceffo on ‘Xinomics’