China in Focus Full Broadcast (Aug. 2)

Is China’s economic “miracle” over forever? Recent data is flashing warning signs across the economy. What are the global consequences?

U.S. lawmakers accuse two firms of facilitating capital flows to “America’s foremost foreign adversary.”

China’s cyber regulator has a new plan to fix children spending too much time with their screens, and it’s sending tech stocks reeling.

Sun bears or humans dressed in costumes? All eyes at a Chinese zoo fell on one bear, standing on its hind legs.

Topics in this episode:

  1. China’s Economic Slowdown Hits World Economy: Survey
  2. Top Global Firms Warn of Slow China Sales
  3. China Youth Jobless Rate Rose to Record 21%; Consumer Confidence ‘Historic Low’: Unilever
  4. $429M Invested in Blacklisted CCP Firms?; Bill: Divest from CCP to Remain Tax-Exempt
  5. 24 Chinese Firms Sanctioned for Forced Labor Charges
  6. China Proposes Slashing Screen Time for Kids Under 18
  7. Bear or Human? China Zoo Denies Costume Allegations
  8. Japanese Restaurants in Beijing Fear Ruin
  9. New International Business Hub in Asia ‘Without Threats of Government Intervention’: Earl
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