China In Focus Full Broadcast (Aug. 7)

Naval maneuvers off the coast of Alaska. The U.S. Navy deployed four destroyers to the region after spotting Chinese and Russian warships patrolling in nearby waters.

A close call in the South China Sea as Beijing fires water cannons at the Filipino coast guard. Washington is reacting.

“Chasing Dreams”—a new documentary is bringing China’s military preparation to the big screen. But what’s the target?

More bitter days to come. China is facing huge challenges due to the recent floods. Many angry citizens protested against their local governments—what are they aiming for?

Topics in this Episode:

1. Chinese, Russian Warships Operate near Alaska
2. Chinese Vessel Fires Water at Philippine Boat
3. CCP Troops Vow Suicide Attacks on Taiwan: Doc
4. Protests Erupt in China’s Flooded Cities
5. Rep. Warns of CCP’s Spy Operations in US
6. Energy Sec. Consulted CCP Official: Report
7. GOP Demands Answers on Chinese Malware Attacks
8. Hearing on CCP Theft of US Agricultural Tech
9. International Visitors to China at Record Low