China In Focus Full Broadcast (Dec. 1)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
December 1, 2023China in Focus

Pediatric pneumonia outbreaks hit U.S. states, while similar outbreaks overwhelm hospitals in China. Are the outbreaks connected?

The White House is enhancing a host of supply chains, looking to cut China’s reliance on EVs, agriculture, and medicine.

Montana’s first-in-the-nation TikTok ban has been blocked by a federal judge. Why didn’t the rule stick? Despite the strike down, is the social media platform really safe? We take a look at fresh testimony from Capitol Hill on TikTok and its risks.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Ohio, MA Hit by Child Pneumonia Outbreak
  2. Biden on Cutting China Ties in EV Making
  3. White House Aims to Boost Medicine, Agriculture Supply Chains
  4. Judge Blocks Montana’s TikTok Ban
  5. New Testimony on Chinese Communist Party Influence
  6. U.S., Allies Sanction N. Korea After Satellite Launch
  7. Philippines Opens Monitoring Base in South China Sea
  8. China Lures Taiwan Politicians with Cheap Trips: Report
  9. China Reconsiders Tariffs on Australian Wine Imports
  10. Arctic Strategy for Homeland Security
  11. UK Zoo Bids Giant Panda Couple Farewell
  12. UK Lawmakers Urge Probe into Chinese Genetics Company
  13. Biden’s EV Rules ‘Can’t Have It Both Ways’: Sloan
  14. EV Subsidy ‘A Little Bit Harder for China to Benefit’
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