China in Focus Full Broadcast (Dec. 20)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
December 20, 2023China in Focus

More officials and public figures are dying in China. Mystery shrouds the announcements, sparking speculation and online anxiety.

Health authorities in a Chinese city are under fire. They are accused of allegedly luring kindergarteners into testing new vaccines.

The struggle for survival is beginning for earthquake survivors in China. We have more on the challenges people are facing following the deadly quake.

China has a new way to deliver COVID-19 vaccines: an inhalable, dry powder that can “penetrate deeper and wider” into the lungs. What dangers lurk behind its development?

Topics in this episode:

  1. Deaths of China Officials, Public Figures Raise Fears
  2. China Develops Inhalable Dry Powder COVID-19 Vaccine
  3. Local China CDC Tests Vaccine on Kindergarteners: Report
  4. U.S. Adds 13 Chinese Companies to Unverified List
  5. CCP Head Told Biden Beijing Would Take Taiwan: Media
  6. Australia Convicts Refugee for Working for CCP
  7. Japan Eyes Shipping Patriot Missiles to U.S.: Report
  8. Senator Manchin Seeks to Reverse Rule on EV Tax Credit
  9. 2024: Fault Lines That Could Rock U.S.-China Ties
  10. China’s Quake Zone Grapples with Cold, Lack of Supplies
  11. ‘Weaponized Military App’ in Our Kids’ Hands: Expert
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