China In Focus Full Broadcast (Dec. 6)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
December 6, 2022China in Focusshare

Chinese state-linked hackers made off with $20 million of pandemic relief funds, according to Secret Service.

Youtube is accused of moderating content tied to anti-lockdown protests in China. A Youtuber shares his discovery.

A mega semiconductor project in the United States is getting $40 billion from a Taiwanese company.

The United States may be upping its weapons deal with Taiwan—valued at over $880 million with advanced missiles.

China is holding a memorial for former communist leader Jiang Zemin. We look at the details of his time in power.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Secret Service: Chinese Hacker Group Stole $20M
  2. Youtube Accused of Censoring China Protests
  3. Biden Celebrates Mega Semiconductor Project, Visits Taiwanese Chipmaker Plant in Arizona
  4. Nanjing University Students Protest Lockdowns
  5. Beijing Airports Drop Need for Negative Virus Test
  6. U.S. Proposes Upgrade to Taiwan Weapons Package
  7. China Holds Funeral for Fmr CCP Head Jiang Zemin
  8. FCC’s Ban on Huawei Closes Some Loopholes: Pelson

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