China in Focus Full Broadcast (Feb. 1)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
February 1, 2023China in Focus

China’s top nuclear weapons lab is using American-made microchips for its research, despite grappling with U.S. sanctions for decades. The chips are made by American giants like Intel and Nvidia. But how does the communist regime get its hands on the sanctioned technology? Under the restrictions, Chinese companies have turned to resellers to get the chips. Some of them are openly available on one of China’s largest online marketplaces: Taobao.

Topics in this episode:

  1. China’s Top Nuclear Lab Obtained U.S. Microchips Despite Years-Long Sanctions: Report
  2. Chinese Corn Mill Project in U.S. to Be Terminated
  3. Energy Dept. Gives China-Linked Firm $1.6M, Republican Senators Object
  4. Religious Freedom Summit Exposes CCP Abuses
  5. China Global Leader in Counterfeit, Pirated Products
  6. CA Woman Pleads for Help to Free Family in China
  7. Chinese Hospitals Still Overcrowded as Beijing Announces End of Outbreak
  8. Smartphone Sales See Record Low in China
  9. U.S.-India Partnership Targets Arms to Counter China
  10. U.S. to Expand Philippine Presence Amid China Threat
  11. CCP ‘Doesn’t Want People to Expose’ Its Actions: Lankford
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