China In Focus Full Broadcast (Feb. 27)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
February 27, 2024China in Focus

Major fires are taking over residential buildings in China. One mother managed to flee one of the burning buildings with her teenage son from her 20th-floor apartment. She tells us about their harrowing escape.

A new tech rivalry is on the horizon. Washington and its allies have endorsed joint efforts to boost 6G technology, as nations fear China could dominate the sector if they get ahead of the game.

China’s ousted foreign minister Qin Qang suddenly resigns from the national legislature. He has yet to reappear publicly. We look at what we know about his resignation—and mysterious disappearance.

Five Chinese coast guard ships vacate restricted waters after a warning about getting too close to Taiwan’s frontline islands.

  1. Fires Break Out in Residential Buildings Across China
  2. U.S., Allies Unveil 6G Initiative Amid China Tech War
  3. Calls to Block Chinese Imports from Mexico
  4. Former Chinese Foreign Minister Resigns
  5. We Must ‘Devote Time, Effort’ to Secure Networks: Expert
  6. Five Chinese Coast Guard Ships Enter Waters Around Kinmen
  7. U.S., Thailand Begin Cobra Gold Military Drill
  8. Philippine Air Force Sends Plane Near Taiwan Border
  9. Beijing Lashes Out Over U.S., EU, British Sanctions
  10. No Deal Reached on Chinese Loan to Russia
  11. U.S. Allows China to Boost Flights to 50 Per Week
  12. How Does Border Crisis Affect Idaho?
  13. NTD’s ‘Hollywood Takeover’ Film Shown at CPAC
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