China in Focus Full Broadcast (Feb. 28)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
February 28, 2024China in Focus

Over $20 million worth of marijuana plants were unearthed in Georgia. Authorities charged four Chinese nationals in the bust.

A new order from President Joe Biden cracks down on the sale of personal data to foreign adversaries, as officials warn of security risks from countries like China.

The U.S. Army is planning to cut 24,000 vacant positions. We have more on the strategic shift—from countering terrorism in the Middle East to targeting threats elsewhere.

Beijing is revising its state secrets law, expanding the scope of what it could consider criminal information sharing. Does the change spell more risks for foreign companies operating in China?

  1. Four Chinese Nationals Arrested in Georgia Marijuana Bust
  2. Biden Executive Order to Limit American Data Flow to China
  3. U.S. Army to Restructure Forces, Focus on China, Russia
  4. CCP Widens State Secrets Law for First Time in Ten Years
  5. China’s Mixed Messages: Security, Investment
  6. Country Garden Faces Liquidation Petition
  7. Chinese Spy Cranes ‘A Wartime Effort’: Expert
  8. White House Tightens Scrutiny on Solar Firms Over Forced Labor
  9. Perry: Move to EVs Weakens U.S. in Front of CCP
  10. China Based SHEIN Files for UK IPO
  11. Chinese Airliner Makes First International Debut
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