China In Focus Full Broadcast (Feb. 2)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
February 2, 2023China in Focus

Global pushback against the Chinese Communist Party: Beijing warns U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy not to visit Taiwan. In Europe, the Czech Republic’s House speaker plans to visit Taiwan, too. Back in the United States, a bill aims to prevent American reserve oil from getting sold to China, while some lawmakers are rooting out foreign influence in U.S. schools. And in the Indo-Pacific, alliances with the United States are getting stronger.

Topics in this episode:

  1. House Speaker Responds to China Over Taiwan Visit
  2. Taiwan House Speaker Calls China’s Opposition ‘Standard Operating Procedure’
  3. Bill Aims to Protect U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve Would Ban Sale of Oil Reserves to China
  4. DOD Asked to Probe Private Schools for China Ownership
  5. U.S. Senator Asks Apple, Google for TikTok Ban
  6. Canadian Lawmakers Back Resettlement for Uyghurs
  7. U.S. Secures Deal on Philippine Bases to Counter CCP
  8. NATO Chief Warns of Chinese Military Build-Up
  9. Australia, UK Ministers Hold Bilateral Talks
  10. Former Shanghai Bookseller’s Wife Hit With ‘Exit Ban’
  11. China, U.S. Tracking New Omicron Strain ‘Orthrus’
  12. Chinese People Are Starting Believe Societal Change Is Possible: Lantos Swett
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