China In Focus Full Broadcast (Feb. 3)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
February 3, 2023China in Focus

Eyes in the skies? The Pentagon is currently tracking a suspected Chinese spy balloon flying over the United States. It’s been lingering over a military base, raising all sorts of security alarms. Gliding in at around the same size as three buses end-to-end, the balloon is visible from earth.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Blinken Delays China Trip After Spy Balloon Discovery
  2. Gaffney: Chinese Balloon Presents ‘Special Concern’
  3. Comer Asks Kerry for Info on CCP Meetings
  4. Report: Rep. Chu Tied to Non-Profit With Links to Alleged Chinese Intel Gathering Agency
  5. CIA: Do Not Underestimate Xi’s Ambitions for Taiwan
  6. House Approves Bill Condemning Socialism
  7. Kansas: $304M for Chip Plant to Draw Federal Funds
  8. Companies Should Pick a Side, West or China: Brownback
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