China In Focus Full Broadcast (Feb. 7)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
February 7, 2023China in Focus

The United States is dishing out another blow to China, this time for its ambitions on U.S. soil. Lawmakers have introduced a new House bill that, if passed, would ban China and other adversaries from purchasing American farmland. The measure echoes another bill revealed just last week in the Senate, with a similar goal. But how far can these measures go? And will they serve their intended effects?

Topics in this episode:

  1. Bill to Ban China from Buying U.S. Farmland
  2. Senate Targets China’s Land-Buying Ambitions
  3. White House: Chinese Spy Balloon Might Not Be Last
  4. Apple Removes Damus from Chinese App Store
  5. Wuhan Landfill Project Sparks Protests
  6. Anti-Lockdown Protesters Still Detained in China
  7. Month-Long Wait for Ashes: Shanghai Funeral Home
  8. U.S. Senators Question Meta CEO About China’s, Russia’s Access to User Data
  9. China Sending Military Tech to Russia: Experts
  10. Rabbi Cooper: Democracies Are Under China’s Threat
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