China in Focus Full Broadcast (Feb. 8)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
February 8, 2023China in Focus

An annual report is ranking countries by their might in the Indo-Pacific, and the United States has been deemed the winner, with Beijing narrowly keeping its grip on second place and one of America’s biggest allies in the region snagging third place. As the globe’s focus shifts to the Indo-Pacific, what does this latest report tell us about the future? Will the United States maintain its lead, or will China close the gap?

Topics in this episode:

  1. U.S. Is Most Powerful Indo-Pacific Nation: Report
  2. China Lost Top U.S. Trader Title in 2022
  3. Classified Briefing Set on Chinese Spy Balloon
  4. China Balloons Flew in U.S. Under Trump: DOD
  5. China’s Growing Interest in Balloon Tech: Docs
  6. Chinese Balloons Gathered Intel for Years: Officials
  7. ‘We Will Act to Protect Our Country’: Biden on China During State of the Union
  8. Company Tied to China Buys Terminals in Port of NY And NJ
  9. India Bans 200+ Gambling, Loan Apps: Report
  10. Yates: U.S. Should Use ‘Reciprocity’ in China Approach
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